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Benefits of Heating Oil

Taylor Oil & Propane, Inc.
Today’s heating oil systems provide a clean, safe and environmentally friendly solution to efficiently heat your home. Todays new technology has made home heating oil one of the most highly efficient, low emission ways to ensure warmth, safety and comfort. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued a report stating that oil burners are now one of the cleanest combustion sources available. There are a number of benefits associated with home heating oil, as you can see below:

  • It’s a cost-effective option.New breakthroughs in technology have made modern heating oil systems high-efficiency, low emission means of giving you more for your heating oil dollar. Heating oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas or electricity, meaning that your home will heat up faster and require less fuel to run than natural gas or electric heating systems.
  • Efficiency is our Goal.While the initial cost to install an electric heat system may appear attractive, its annual operating costs quickly exceed installation savings. You’ll find that with an oil heating system, your costs can end up 2.5 to 5.5 times lower than that of electricity. Converting to heating oil can also substantially reduce energy costs because older heating systems often operate at less than 70% efficiency. Efficiency ratings on new heating oil systems normally range from 86% – 87%.
  • It gives you “heating insurance.”With heating oil, you can keep a supply of fuel on your own property. Regardless of how cold it gets, you’ll always have enough supply to keep warm, unlike natural gas customers who can find themselves out of heat due to severe drop in gas line pressure during extended cold spells.Taylor Oil & Propane, Inc.
  • It’s very safe.Properly installed and routinely maintained, modern heating oil systems are safer than natural gas systems. Even if a leak should occur, heating oil is non-explosive, while natural gas leaks quickly create an explosive mixture of air and fuel. In fact, dropping a lighted match into a vial of heating oil will put the flame out.
  • Our systems run very clean.When properly adjusted and maintained, new heating oil systems create no soot, dirt, or odors in the home. In the past 20 years, the sulfur content of heating oil has been reduced from over 1% to an average of .25%. This
  • It produces air that is clean to breath.The air from the heat produced by an oil furnace is significantly cleaner than other types of heating systems, producing less than .003 of all the particulate emissions in the country.
  • It’s environmentally sound.A correctly installed residential heating oil tank is no danger to the environment or to human health. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic and contains no proven cancer-causing agents. Home oil burners produce less than .003 of all the particulate emissions in the U.S., while electric, coal and wood heat are far more harmful air quality.
  • It’s a sustainable option.Almost half of U.S. petroleum comes from our own oil-producing states. Studies have shown that there is more oil in the ground than we have ever extracted, and that supplies will last for over three more generations.

For more information on the benefits of home heating oil, or to schedule a consultation to discuss how an oil heat system can benefit your home, contact us today.